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National Education Policy: Highlight and impact of National Education Policy on restructuring K12 segment
Teacher Empowerment program: Developing teacher empowerment program to realise the new vision of Education
Inclusive E-Learning: Adapting compliment e-Learning methodology in the new normal
Infrastructure and capital planning: Future of infrastructure, capital requirements and methods to avail the same
Vocational Education: Future of holistic education to imbibe skills required in 21st century
Future of Technology in education: Technology that integrates all stakeholders and ways to adapt the same
National Education Policy Implementation of the National Education Policy – untying the knots
Industry Academia collaboration How institutions can collaborate with the industry for creating better opportunities for the students
Admission trends Changing trends and student behavior in the process of admissions
Future or work Preparing youth for future of work and entrepreneurship in the 21st century
Accreditation and Global Ranking Creating institution of Eminence and steps to find place in Global rankings
Role of technology How can right technology tools change the entire spectrum at the Higher education space